Fixed background not working at all on chrome, win 8.1

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Not sure if its Webflow bug with code. There is a problem with fixed background. It works properly on my Mac with Chrome and Safari but there is issue on some Windows PCs with 8.1 and Chrome. Background image simply don’t move. Anyone have same issue? Got any ideas how to fix it? It would be great if anyone could help me. Thank you.

Edit: Just checked on powerfull PC with Windows 10 and its not working too.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

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Sure, here it is

The issue is visible on all models pages on the big photo on top of the page.

Hi @MaciejIVE, I just checked this on Windows 10 and it seems to be working for me, is that the right image in my screencap ?

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Hi @cyberdave, this is one of the images. It is working fine for me too on Mac with Chrome, Safari and Firefox and some Windows PCs with 8.1 on Chrome but for example there is problem on Windows 10 with Firefox. The last one it really powerfull, all is up to date and the machine is almost brand new :confused: I have no idea what is the cause of this behavior.

Hi thanks @MaciejIVE, it might be a rendering issue with Firefox on Windows 10, but I will have to do more testing. I am not sure if Firefox is optimized for Windows 10 yet. I will keep checking.

Sorry @cyberdave I forgot that this is not working on one computer i have checked with Windows 8.1, Chrome.

Ok thanks, I will take a look !

Hi @cyberdave, I checked some computers again and found next 3 where background picture is static. Those ones are working on Chrome, some of them on win 7 and some on win 8.x.

There is another problem with the site and I bet we can’t blame Webflow for this but on IE 11 the loading div does not disappear. The client reports bug and I have no idea how to handle it. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @MaciejIVE, I was trying to test this out on the different IE browsers, but it seems the published site link at is not published. Is it possible for you to publish, so that some additional browser testing can be checked ?


sorry, my bad, I changed site name,

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