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Fixed background image/hover nagivations performing differently across browsers

I’m completely new to webflow (LT 2 weeks) but not to web coding and design. I’m learning my way around the interface but have run into two distinct problems. The first is with a fixed background image. I’m receiving different results across 3 up-to-date-browsers on the same computer.

With IE, the image says fixed but when scrolling down the page the image jumps up slightly then back to its fixed position. This makes for a very jerky scrolling motion. With both Chrome and Firefox, the image does not stay fixed at all and scrolls off the page.

The second problem is with hover navigation. With IE and Firefox, hovering over the button in the nav bar expands the link navigation properly. However, using Chrome I have to click the button in order for the link menu to expand.

Basically, rendering in IE is the closest to working but has jerky image scrolling. Firefox will not fix the background image in place and Chrome has the same issue with the image and also with the menu hover navigation. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.


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