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Fixed Background and Mobile Breakpoints

Hey Designers,

Ive run into an obstacle and scoured the forum, seeing similar issues posted years ago but no clear solutions. Im using the fixed background feature, which works perfect up until the mobile breakpoint. I’ve tried using section and Div blocks but no luck with either. Does anyone have a solution to this? I know its possible because Ive seen the feature while scrolling on my phone recently.

Its at the bottom of “Little Big Shot” page. There must be a work around. Your guidance is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey there!

I’m not really sure what you mean. When I look at your preview, the backgrounds on mobile do stay fixed, just like desktop.

Thanks for responding Robert! It displays that way in webflow but not when on a normal browser, visiting the published site on mobile.

hmm, not sure how to help then… :slightly_frowning_face: