Fixed background not working on mobile. Is this a bug?

Hey guys,
So I’m designing a site where the body has a fixed background. This works fine in the desktop site and in the webflow preview for mobile. But when I open the site on my iPhone the background loses its fixed property and scrolls with the content.

I’ve tried putting all my sections under a single Div and giving that a fixed background. That didn’t work too. It kept changing the image to Custom Size from Cover. Is this a bug?

Here’s my site with the div encompassing all the other sections.

Hi, did you ever get a solution for this? I’m currently having the same issue.

I am also eagerly awaiting the solution for this.
I have a Fixed / Cover BG image on by body tag. It WAS just showing the image on top with a bg color for the rest, but now it’s tiling the image. Fine on desktop, no good on mobile.

What stinks, is that I see issues with this going back to 2015.