Collection field can't seem to be linked from the Designer

I’m not sure if I’m not setting up the list correctly or what, but I dont have the option of pulling the blog post text from my Blog Post database list. From looking at the webflow video it looks as if I’m missing the inner text settings on the dynamic list

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Maybe you have defined the blog text as an element and you’re trying to pull it into another element.

For example you have defined blog text as a Rich text field and you’re trying to link it with a text or Paragraph element.

Paragraph, title and text elements will link to a text field.

Rich Text will only link to a Rich text field, link and link block to a link field etc…

You’re awesome Vincent! That was exactly my problem, I needed to add the rich text instead of the text box :slight_smile:

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Everybody bumped into this one :slight_smile: All of us :slight_smile:

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