First page with full photo like this -->


I would like to have the same top of page as this webflow site:

  • Caroussel with two photos.
  • With text block in the photos.
  • On PC = the image must be full in horizontal.
  • On Mobile, the image must be full in vertical.

exactly as on the site (see link).

It’s a Webflow template you’re looking at so the usual solution is to purchase it and then you get all those capabilities on the new site you’re building. If you’ve already built your site and are just trying to reproduce a specific part of the template, you can look at it in designer mode to learn how the author constructed those parts.

Don’t abuse that though, designers work hard to make their templates worthwhile. Generally the time you save by buying it is well worth it.

Thank you for your message. In fact, I rephrased my request here (see picture).

Maybe you can answer it.