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First page shifting over in Preview

I have my pages laid out like I want them to look in the work space. Then when I go to preview everything is shifted off the page to the left. After no sleep last night I really need help figuring this one out!

Or how can I simply start all over in the template? YIKES!

Hey @ajoy1216

Provide your share public share link and we can have a look.

Your show nav interaction is causing the problem. The initial appearance crushes your hero section to 50px and moves it right and down. remove the whole initial appearance and it will return to normal.

I am a newbie and I don’t understand what you said.

Now I have just the photo and no header etc.

Can I pay someone to get me back on track ASAP?

Select your hero section and open the symbol and interaction panel and select the show nav interaction.

Click the litter wrench to edit the interaction. You will see the initial appearance and the trigger. You will want the initial appearance.

Click the wrench again to edit then click the blue dots to remove the settings.

hope this helps

That helped that one… but here I go again. YIKES!

now everything is gone!

I think this has to do with layers.

remove the interaction from your first image