Finsweet select dependency

hi there

i’m using form select dropdown that i connect to my cms with the finsweet select.
my question, is it possible to have a second dropdown that filters the options from a cms depending on the choice in hte previous select dropdown field?


nobody knows how to solve this? :roll_eyes:

SI gues it is not possible to have a dropdown with with values that are dependend from a previous dropdown without using code… :roll_eyes:

Hi Dennis, your post was in the wrong category, I’ve corrected that.
What you’re describing is a filter capability, which is not what FS CMS Select does.
FS CMS Filter does this however it works by filtering a collection list, not a select.

Conceptually, that means →

  1. Static CL #1 of options for select 1
  2. Static CL #2 of all possible options for select 2
  3. FS CMS Select #1
    a. Acts as a filter trigger for CL #2
  4. CL #2, after filtering, then needs to be applied using CMS Select to select #2

Even if you could find a way to control the invocation and scope of each of these steps through FS APIs, it would be extremely fragile. I see problems between every one of those steps.

Custom coding is far easier in this case.