Finsweet previous/next attribute breaks with collections over 100 items

I’m using the Finsweet previous/next attributes for the previous/next functionality on a large collection of blog posts (~500 items). It works perfectly for the first 100 items that display in the list the attribute references. However, for any items that fall after the 100 mark, the buttons just stop appearing and the functionality ceases to work.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this? Thank you kindly for any insight you’ve got!

Hey Kristine, you’d need to share your Webflow project read-only link, and a published site link, for anyone here to be able to take a look and give advice.

However for Finsweet related things, you should look at contacting their own forum, where you’ll get much better answers.

Thanks @memetican . I can’t share my read-only link since my site contains portions that are sensitive. I did some googling and found my solution (their forum, which I wasn’t aware of until google told me about it). But, for anyone reading this later, their forum is read-only access unless you pay for their support.

For anyone who’s curious…I found the solution on Finsweet’s forum here: CMS next prev attributes for list that contain more than 100 items - Attributes - Support Forum

Essentially, you’ll need to apply the load more attribute to the list you’re using with previous/next. Then make sure it’s set to render all, and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

Hi Kristine,
I’m having trouble getting this to work. Could you please help? I use ‘cms load’ on the list with ‘render all’, but for some reason, it doesn’t work with blogs/collection-v-13." any ideas?

Anyone else who knows what the problem is ?
would be very helpful. Thanks.

Hi @Petter!

Sorry for the delayed response — I don’t always get notified of responses in the forum.

Looks like you found your solution in the Finsweet forum that I linked above, though? :crossed_fingers: