CMS predictive search + CMS load + CMS nests

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to add a predictive search to the website using these attributes. I have set it up, but the problem is 100 CMS item limit when loading and 5 items in nested collection.

I know it can be solved using Finsweet attributes CMS Load and CMS Nest. I have watched videos and read instructions how to implement the attributes, but I have difficulties to setup properly because of different UI shown in instructions.

I’m providind a public share link to a sample that I created. The real project is similar to this. After several trials I removed Finsweet attributes and left only CMS predictive search attributes.

Let me explain shortly. The searchable CMS collection is salons which has multi-reference field “Services” which is also a collection. Search keywords must be the salon name and services. When a user types a name or a service, the salon with that name or service must be shown up and when clicking it user will be redirected to related salon page.

As it is shown here:

I have added the name and a nested collection for multi-reference field for searching by a service too:

So, what can I do here? Can I apply Finsweet CMS nest here? I tried to setup but I failed. And also the salons number will be over 100 and I need to set the load too which I also failed.

Any advice or help will be helpful. Maybe there can be another solution or a search tool.

Thank you!

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I’ve reviewed the information you provided and understand the issues you’re facing with the CMS item limit and nested collection items. It seems like the Finsweet attributes CMS Load and CMS Nest could indeed offer a solution to overcome these limitations.

While I understand that the UI differences between the instructional materials and your implementation can be confusing, rest assured, I’m here to assist you in navigating through these challenges and ensuring a smooth setup process.

I’ve accessed the sample you provided via the public share link and familiarized myself with the current state of the project. Based on your explanation, it’s clear that the predictive search functionality should encompass searching by salon name and associated services, ultimately redirecting users to the respective salon page upon selection.

To address the issues you’re facing, I’ll delve deeper into the implementation steps and work closely with you to properly integrate the Finsweet attributes into the existing setup. By refining the search mechanism and optimizing the CMS load and nesting, we can effectively manage the item limits and ensure seamless navigation for users.

Please email me at so that i can assist you better.

Thank you

Sofia Choudhry- Certified Shopify Expert