Finsweet CMS Load Attribute breaking script

I have a script to add punctuation to my numbers in my page header and with an embed code I’m able to target a field in my collection list with this function. Using Webflow’s Native Pagination, everything works fine but when I add the Finsweet CMS load attributes to my collection list, the embed code appears to break on every other page (i.e page 2 and page 3) except the first page.

Here’s my published site
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Hi @4Purplemoji actually just went through this same issue with a script and a liking feature. The issue with CMS load is that all the items that are on the next page don’t run the scripts and embeds on the card because they are set to a JS event that renders when the page loads.

I ended up fixing this issue by using Jetboost advanced pagination, unfortunately its a paid fix.

You can see my published site here:

Thank you so much Timothy. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the Jetboost plugin at the moment but I found a nice work-around for my situation. I was trying to punctuate a number field (price) with my script, instead I’ll use a text field for my price and have a hidden number field (for price filtering and sorting).

I got the inspiration from here CMS Real Estate Filter

Nice, mine was my favorite feature, but that’s a great solve for my comma on my ten’s of thousands number!

Do you think this is something you can help me with? I’ve tried to no avail.
It’s from the HP website

Tabs with initial state closed

Yes, you have to add an interaction to your tab button, and as long as the expanded content is in another DIV block you can then hide it first. In the interaction menu you can set an “animation” that goes “on click” expand “hidden DIV block”

Let me try. Thank you very much

Yeah, i’ve tried but can’t seem to figure out what should happen on second click.

Let me explain:

  1. The initial state of my tab content is closed like in the Loom.
  2. I’ve set each tab pane to position: absolute so that they are stacked.


  1. On 1st click of any of the tabs (open), it opens the tab pane for that tab to display its content.
  2. If the same tab is clicked immediately after (close), it should close the tab pane associated with that tab and return to initial state with all tab content hidden.
  3. If after the 1st click of any tab, another tab is clicked immediately after, the tab which was initially open should be hidden and the tab that was clicked should be displayed - Notice how for the initial tab, I’ve not registered a 2nd click.
  4. Then if I click on the previous tab (now it is registering 2nd click), it should display its content instead of closing it.

I hope you understand me

Outcome so far

  1. I’ve gotten the initial state to work
  2. When I click on a tab and click a second time immediately, it works as expected.
  3. I can’t seem to get 3 & 4 in expected results to work.

Here’s a loom to depict what I mean :

@4Purplemoji, have a look at this cloneable:

Check out the custom code section and the corresponding attributes. I think this is going to help you achieve your goal. Maybe you can use the cloneable as a starting point and adjust the layout to your needs.

Thank you so much. I’ll definitely check this solution out

I found this solution via the author’s YouTube channel. I’m really glad that now I’m able to get over this feature.

Thanks guys

I’m happy to hear you have found a solution to your problem. For anyone interested, this is the video explaining how it’s done.