Finsweet attributes CMS Filter data not showing properly

I am using the Finsweet Attributes filter on a pricing page for a client project and experiencing some hiccups.

See video example here: Goplany Pricing page bugs showing in inspect

The page has a yearly/monthly switch that shows/hides the different pricing elements using Webflow animations (on click and targeted towards specific classes). Each price card has yearly and monthly price elements. However, when adjusting the filter the elements does not show & work properly…

Experienced issues:

  • When Monthly toggle is active the yearly savings label are showing when switching team size mostly on production (using attributes filter)
  • When switching plans using the filter, Pricing is sometimes displaying the same price as monthly

Is this something you’ve experienced before? And if so, did you manage solve it?

Appriciate any help

Pricing page: goplany.webflow
Here is the site Read-Only: Webflow - GoPlany