Finish Up Website - Spacing, Animations, Mobile

Hi there,
We worked with a webflow developer to transfer our Wordpress website to webflow. The website is about 80% of the way there, but we’ve not been satisfied with the attention to detail on minor spacing, design etc, and would like higher fidelity to our current website. We’re looking for someone to finish up our website - fix the spacing issues, add animations, ensure it’s mobile friendly, etc.
Would love to see a portfolio of your work.
Here is the old website (Wordpress)
Here is the new website

Hello Roberta,
I’ll be willing to take up this task
Here is my portfolio I designed “
And here is a 10-page project recently done by me “
I’ll be happy if my request is favorably granted

Hi @bertie_tks

Would love to take on your project. Here’s our studio portfolio:

We have dedicated QA who will help list out all the minor details that can be fixed. We’ll share a list of things that can be optimised, and after confirmation we can set a timeline on fixing everything and a way of communication to ensure everything is up to your expectations

Let me know! :slight_smile:

Hey Roberta,
Would love to help you. reach out to me at