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Need freelancer to help finish Webflow site

Hi all,

I’m designing a website using Webflow and have all the pieces in place. Just need help finishing it up (est. ~2 hrs max for someone experienced with Webflow). Main issue is with the responsive template not displaying perfectly on mobile / tablet. Willing to work through oDesk / Elance or separately. Trying to finish this up in the next few days. Let me know if you can help!


Hi mc1,

Send me an email to with the specs so i can help you.


Sent. Thanks for reaching out Rui.

Hi, we can definitely assist in helping finish your webflow site.
If you still require help please send an e-mail to

Our website address is if you would like to take a look at other services we offer.

Vihan – just emailed you. Thanks for reaching out.

You can also mail me. Contact details are in my profile.

Best regards,

Just sent you an email. Thank Bartosz.

Seems so great that you can just ask for help and people will pile up to assist in whatever way they can!