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Find out no do follow!

Hey mate,

I am newbie here. And also new to seo as well. I would like to know which tools is better to find out exact no do follow links?

Please let me know your experience.


I’m using the tools of SEO- powersuite. Also for checking the (no) do follow links.


I found a tool to find out exact no-do follow ‘search status’ how much helpful is this one?

I use SEO Powersuite also. I think it will do anything SEO that you need.

It’s a bit on the expensive side… but worth it for me… about $200 a year (3 year subscription).

You can finder cheaper / free solutions that will help you…

but you get what you pay for.

For now… Powersuite’s probably an over-kill for you (since you are new / just getting started).

Yes, thank you! But $200 per year is a bit expensive for me. Because I am just starter.

I do understand. I pay for it… because I can justify it.

The $200 is just the subscription fee (continuous updates to search engine algorithms ). The initial outlay for the software was about $600.00… and you get engine updates for a year. They run frequent sales though… (in case you are interested down the road). Sign up with their email list and you can discount notifications.

Have you tried Screaming Frog ? They offer a free version that has some limitations. They also have a purchase option (which I own)… but even the free version is very useful.

And then there’s I use their subscription service as well. Their free tools are very useful… plus if are still learning about SEO… it’s an excellent place to get info.

Thanks! You can pay for it. But others can’t be able to pay yearly charges.

You can also for SEO quake to find out exact no do follow links.

to find whether such give you dofollow link or nofollow, there is a mozilla addon called hover nofollow. Install it on your mozilla. Search it on google play. Its a big help for your to determined whether its a dofollow or no-follow.

Use no follow extension in your web browser. You’ll easily find no-follow and do-follow links with this.

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