"Final Countdown" timer - how to make it days not weeks?

Hey all!

I’ve got the Final Countdown timer using the Legacy Style working, but I’m wondering how I can make it so instead of it saying “Weeks : Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds” it’s just “Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds” (without weeks). How can I adjust the jquery to make that happ’n cap’n? Thanks!

Here’s the page:

… and here’s my share link:

Just delete the entire line underlined in red


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Hey samliew!

Thanks for the suggestion, but that just deletes weeks; it doesn’t recalculate those deleted weeks into the total days left in the countdown (37 weeks = 259 days). For example, with that line in there, it shows

Then after I delete it, it just deletes the 37 weeks without recalculating the number of days like so:

How would I delete the weeks and have the days be calculated correctly?

Oh in that case you need to do some calculations like this example


Oh darn, okay. I guess it’s not that easy to just take off the weeks then. Okay, well thanks for hopping in!

@samliew solution is ok, but also you need change the below line, instead of “%d” must be “%D”.