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Filters and Search not working on site

Hi all,

I’ve added filters and search functionality to my site using Jetboost. Everything on the Jetboost end has been tested and approved so should technically work on my webflow site. For example, I’m using the search function to search on Postcode but this doesn’t seem to be working (doesn’t pull up any listings with the postcode but removes all listings instead). Would love any advice on this.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Eloise,
Thanks for trying out Jetboost! My apologies for the initial trouble in getting it set up on your site.

It looks like you should just need to change the field from Name to Slug in the HTML Embed element pictured in the screenshot below.

Once you publish that change, you should see the search and filters working. If not, let me know and I’ll take another look.

Also, just a heads up, I see that you are currently limiting the collection list to 6 items, so Jetboost will only filter and search these 6 items.
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 6.15.17 AM


Hi @cspags

I have just come across this and I am also having similar issues as Eloise with my dynamic filtering. In Jetboost everything is validated and technically should be working however, I am finding two issues:

  1. The items displaying in my filter list are the individual industries set by my collection that are displayed on the page, rather than the list items set up in the collection field itself, eg x2 software (because there are two set software cards within the page) rather than x1 software item and the 2 software cards display when this is selected. How do I get it to pull the field options itself rather the set items used currently in the field?

  2. I believe this is similar to Eloise, it seems my item / checkbox selection functionality is broken and is not displaying any of the relevant customer cards (it seems only education is working and it is hiding all customer cards). How do I get the filter and the content below to function together?

Please note, I have changed out the HTML embed element field from the original to the correct field within my collection, al you have suggested to Eloise above.

Here is my links:
Staging page: Customers Hub [DRAFT]

Read-only link:Webflow - 10 Feb 2021 Copy of Main Website

Jendi :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much Chris! That worked well for the search functionality and it seems to be working on filters now as well although there’s one small issue still - when I filter and it removes all records (i.e. lets say none of the listings are tagged with any of the filters) it seems to get stuck and there’s no way of going back. This may be a webflow question and not jetboost but

  1. How can I get users to reset filters
  2. At the moment my ‘title tag’ for the filters is set inside each filter box - is this causing issues? Should the title sit outside?

thank you!!!

Hi @Eloiseb

To reset your filters you can find this within the power-ups in Jetboost, it is super easy to add! :slightly_smiling_face: