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Filter Dropdown Design

Hi everyone,

I created this site with the main purpose of help homelessness, you can read more on the About page.

I am having issues displaying the kind of a dropdown/filter option for the collections. It’s been challenging since Webflow is still limited in terms of filtering.


Should I reduce the options, e.g. leave titles only and remove cities and type?, would be better with interactions?

I will appreciate any feedback how to improve it. Cool.

Hi Carlos,

I am trying to figure out the exact same thing. So if you find out - let me know! As a general rule, I prefer the “keep your options open” style of filter experience - not dropdowns. I created a page here (learning Webflow) on the topic:

Meanwhile all I can suggest for your current example is exposing all the linked attributes in each top level job card, so user can always click straight to all jobs with that role, type, city.

I think there is definitely a big opportunity to support richer search and filter experiences in Webflow than dropdowns. But I have not learned how to do it yet.

Good luck!

HI @wingoodbody
Agree with you however, this feature is still on the Wishlist side. Anything related with searching across Webflow collections or posts unfortunately is not possible yet