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Filter by year?

Is there an easy way to filter items by a year (i.e. 2015, 2014, etc.) without adding a switch? I tried the date filter and it only allows filtering forward or backward from “today” with no option to change “today” to any other date. If I could do that it would solve my problem.

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A dirty fix is to create a category called “year” and filter by that category.

Thanks @Diu - yeah, an even dirty method is to add switch to the record. Yours is better. The “by date” filter seems like it is 95% there… If they would just support changing the reference date from today.

We have plans to add specific date ranges (not just in reference to today). This will come later.


Thanks for the reply, if you pick any other date but “today” that would work well.

@thesergie Any progress on this?

I need this too. Ideally, we would get to pick any date via a calendar and choose a date range relative to the chosen date. For example, I pick September 17 from the calendar and choose to show all events for the 2 weeks prior (9/3-9/17).