Filter Button animation after being clicked

Hello Webflow community,

I stumbled across finsweets great CMS filter library (

The filter works fine so far, but i still have problems to implement the button correctly. After pressing the button once, it should be highlighted, after pressing it again, it should return to its initial state. Can someone help me with this?

Many thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Have you checked your ‘States’ menu for the buttons? Could you share your read-only link?

Hi sarwech, I added the read-only link.
It unfortunately didn’t work with the button states for me.

Hi Konrad!

Hmm that read-only link doesn’t seem to work. Could you check and try again please?

I edited it again, it should work fine now. Many thanks!

Thanks, that link worked.

It looks like the filtering code you are using from Finsweet actually is missing their activeClass variable. This is what you have right now:


This is from their docs:


Add activeClass: 'button-active' in your page’s custom code section, just below line 14 (no need to change animation settings). That should work :slight_smile:

Thank you, @sarwech!
I added the activeClass but it still doesn’t seem to work. Do I somewhere have to define the visuals for the button-active class?

Sorry for the late response! I hope you’ve managed to fix this?

If not, you can define the styles using the state feature in Webflow but in this case I would suggest reaching out to Finsweet to see if they can help.

Did you find why this was happening? I have the same issue! Very annoying.