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Fillable open-ended text fields in rich editor

Hi @Finsweet,

I came across a number of your hacks and wondered if I could run one more possible “hack” by you.

Is there a way to add open-ended form text fields (or maybe there is a better way?) in the rich editor for the user to type in an answer online (right on the webpage) to a number of questions (on that web page) for personal use? In other words, once all the questions are answered online, upon hitting the submit button, one would get an email to their inbox with the questions on that web page and answers they gave. (I’m thinking about this for a student scenario, going through a topic of study such as attached.)

Or might you have any recommendations on how to best proceed with bringing this experience online?

Ideally, one would be able to login to an account and save all of his/her answers. Or is this more along the line of creating an online course environment? If so, do you have any suggestions for best options for Webflow?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions on this.

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Hey @rmjjkj -

You can use a textarea form field for a user to enter their answers. The difficult part of this is having the user send to their own the email. You would need a third party platform to make that happen. It is not possible natively in Webflow. We’ve used this a number of times, but never to have the users email themselves .

For user accounts and saving answers, your best resource is You can skip the step of sending the email and simply let users save what they have in the text field. This will still require custom javascript.

This would not be a Hack we can do. We try to center the Hacks around small copy/paste js snippets. This has a lot of moving parts and relies on at least 2 third party tools.