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"File Upload" doesn't work


I have an issue with “File Upload” in my form. I have 2 separate forms on my page, and the user will be shown only one, depending on the extra parameter in his profile.
The issue is that one form is working perfectly fine, the file uploads, etc. While in another, nothing happens after you choose the file to upload. The form doesn’t start showing the uploading state, and you can keep clicking on the upload button and choose the file multiple times, but it doesn’t start to load at all.
What can be the issue? I have copied the first form which is working fine, but that didn’t help.

Hi @Anastasia_N thank you so much for asking about this file upload error, that can be very frustrating!

Can you please share your site Read-Only link and let us know which page the form is on which you’re referring to?

Also, it’s possible for this to happen if the new upload button doesn’t have a unique ID set on it. Can you please double check that there is a unique ID set on the extra upload button?

Thanks in advance for your reply!