Fields mismatch in API result

I’m building a syncing mechanism, and trying to update a WebFlow record.

When I retrieve the item, it’s not the same as when I review the CMS on the website. If you review the image, one a request from PostMan, and the second on the right is the WebFlow CMS record.

The inventory field is representing the sale-price, and conversely the sale-price shows the inventory. When it’s output to a page, its correct, but when I update the inventory, the sale-price (compare at price) gets updated.

What is happening?


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@richtestani - hmm this is odd. Have you tried pulling the collection schema to make sure the labels and api names are lining up as you’d expect?

I haven’t. FWIW, I pulled the same item in Integromat and the fields and values align correctly there. I’m not sure what they are doing different.

I’ll check the Schema and review the labels.

Good call @sam-g

“name”: “Inventory”,
“slug”: “sale-price”,
“type”: “Number”,
“required”: true,
“editable”: true,
“helpText”: “”,
“id”: “9fb1653d1bbbea7af61894a24203466d”,
“validations”: {
“precision”: 1,
“allowNegative”: false,
“format”: “integer”
“name”: “Compare at price”,
“slug”: “inventory”,
“type”: “Number”,
“required”: false,
“editable”: true,
“helpText”: “Compare at price”,
“id”: “41224b8a36255bdc54e16a15e619981f”,
“validations”: {
“format”: “decimal”,
“precision”: 2,
“allowNegative”: true

@richtestani - all set?

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Yes, looking at the schema I found incorrect labeling.
Thank you!

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