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Few new cloneable websites

Hello dear fellow webflownauts, I made couple of my older works available for you to do whatever you like.
It is no great work, but will show you:

  • cloneable wedding site (enjoy, comes in handy if your friend needs wedding invitation)
  • simple one-page product presentation of a failed startup (I actually liked this one; very consistent message for extremely difficult topic)
  • simple mobile application mock-up for processing small goods buying; according to new laws in Czech republic, electronic POS systems will be required. This was a simple mockup for possible, super simple solution.
  • live product presentation ( - I went quite crazy with video making ( and interactions. Inspired by gravity of negative space, visually destructed by commentaries and change requests of product owner. This one is non-cloneable, I hope you understand.

Take this as my thank you to this amazing community of driven designers and developers. I only hope to provide more websites for everyone to clone in the upcoming eons. Feel free to clone!

Best of luck to all of you webflownauts,


Thanks for sharing with the community. :wink:

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Cool! Very clean templates. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Cleanliness wasn’t my main concern, so some CSS-porn took place… hope you will enjoy them!