Feedback Webflow Portfolio Website

Hello Webflow Community

I would like to have your feedback for my portfolio Website.

Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hey @zweidee, I have had a look at your site and the nav seems to be working fine (see this video) on my end. I can open and close the menu without any issues. The only thing not working for me is being able to reach Kontakt. When scrolling, the body is still active in the background. Is this what you mean?

Hello @choreus

Thank you for your time to look at it. I mean this project pages. The Nav doesn’t work, also I see for some reason the footer is gone on the project pages.

Here is the live website: Zweidee - Webdesign & Rebranding für CFS

Are you hosting with Webflow or are you exporting the code to host somewhere else?

I can see that the footer is not even present in the HTML on your live website. Could you try unlinking both the nav and the footer and publish/export your website again. Just an idea, but maybe something weird is going on with the symbols.

I solved this problem. I didn’t closed the code correctly. :see_no_evil: