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Feedback: Update UI for states and inheritance

Please leave feedback and questions below :point_down:

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neat! haven’t had the chance to check it out but looks :tada:

So, so cool. Have already used it solve a headache from a few days ago that would have taken hours to solve, took seconds.

Nice, I already got used to the new UI.

Since we’re on the topic, is there any way to style an ‘.element’, but only when it’s contained under ‘.parent’?

In plain CSS, I want to add a property only to ‘.parent .element’, but not all instances of ‘.element’


That’s possible for root tags within rich text elements (e.g. select <p> tag and then, in the selector UI, set that for all <p> elements within that RTE class), but not for other, standard types of elements at the moment.

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Would love to see this implemented in the future

Please add a feature to add inherit to the links elements.
Example: The link on the navbar doesn’t work, because not use color from the body element.