Fed-up with Double Loading in mobile

I have seen people are asking this question but didn’t get any answer, I have asked the same questions multiple times. Actually the Home page loading screen appears twice on MOBILE. Once when the website loads and again when you start scrolling. I assumed this was an animation error but I can not seem to find what is causing it.

If anyone can locate the issue and help me resolve it that would be appreciated!
Here is the site link: Webflow - LittleGeniusToys

Were you able to solve your issue? I checked the site on my phone and the loading screen only appeared once.

No, If you check it, the heading and sub heading are appearing twice. The pixelate page loader I have given through custom code(gsap). If I use a native page load modal through webflow interaction, in mobile it’s appearing twice as the page is loading twice(but the custom code is only appearing once). If there is any problem in my webflow project then it should appear in every page and in desktop version too, but it’s only appearing in mobile version and in the home page only. Kindly help. Thank you.

I see. The issue is that the animation is triggered when the heading is scrolled into view. If you only want to run the animation once you should use Page trigger: Page load instead.

Hi, thanks for checking, actually I want the animation to appear when some one scroll through it. So, there page load won’t work. And I checked by applying page load animation to all heading(h1,h2…), but the problem is still there. And the problem is only with the mobile version, it’s running fine in desktop.

The animation will still trigger multiple times with the page load animation? That’s strange. Did you disable the scroll into view animation when you tested that?

And also the page load animation would only be applied to the elements that are in view when the page is loaded. Because it seems to me that the elements are already in view when the page is loaded and then when you start to scroll it triggers again.