Features "toggle" interaction

Hi guys, kind of noob in webflow here, i have a question that i cannot find an answer to, maybe I just cannot name the problem right.

I did not start the build of this element yet in webflow, but i have an example in XD what i want to achieve.
I have this “toggle” feature option, and the process is simple: when i click on one of the features i want to show different detailed feature text.

How do i achieve this?

My thinking was to create 5 div for the top section - (feature trigger) and then create 5 divs (text div) underneath in each there would be a text i want, and then create a trigger on each feature trigger that hides 4 out of 5 of the text divs underneath, so it shows always only 1. Is that a correct way to do it, or is there a better solution for this?

Or maybe just point me in a direction how to call this problem to find a solution.

thanks in advance!

It sounds like this is a good approach if you want to have full control over this component and its interactions. You could also use the native Webflow tabs element. Tabs | Webflow University

A search for ‘tabs’ in made in webflow could also bring up some cool ideas! Popular Websites - Webflow

Good luck!

Thanks! not sure why i did not think of tabs :sweat_smile: will explore this option