Feature requests - Color Management - animate.css

hi guys,

is there a central topic for feature requests or a poll or something? If so, please move this topic there. If not, I want to invite everyone to focus on one topic so we can read all feature requests and vote for them.

a) central color management: Give several items the same color. If you later change that color, all items should be updated accordingly.


b) include custom fonts in the quick preview. This way we have the most flexibility especially when working with icon fonts, which are often custom made for each project.

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c) Would it be possible to include animate.css (http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/) into webflow? I’d love to see that!

Hi cuvegas,

Feedback category on this forum is a huge package of what features we - users - need or want. Most of them were implemented right away, for some we wait few weeks, some are currently in progress.

Central Color Management might be a great thing once LASS/SASS is implemented. We hope to see that feature this year. For now you can use Symbols where you will be able to have object instances across all pages. Once you update symbol in one place everything else will be updated as well. For more information on this one please visit http://help.webflow.com/symbols :slight_smile:

Custom font integration including the font icons database is currently in progress as far as I understood from forum.

You can implement animate.css by your own using Custom Code section at the Site Settings. You can also achieve those effects thanks to Webflow native integrations! Check the documentation (click) and video (click).

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As someone just beginning, I would like a dynamic panel function that would allow segments to be populated in containers from other sections of the website. Almost like we have the ability to create a widget and have that widget “active” in the container when a button is pushed.

Also, functioning like this allows for people, like myself who are just learning, to access the code and see how the system is putting things together.

just my 2 pennies