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Favicons Not Showing In Internet Explorer

Hi All,

A client just mentioned that their site has no Favicon in Internet Explorer so I checked the rest of my sites and saw that none of them do. Would anyone know if there is any reason for this or if there is a way to fix?

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I found that converting the favicon from JPEG to ICO worked. I will do this for all my sites retrospectively. Going forward I will use ICO for all Favicons. Just a suggestion, but maybe JPEG should be removed from the list here: aaa

Hi @Niall_Mc_Dermott,

Thank you so much for posting about the JPG favicon not working as expected.

Definitely, great point and I’m happy to help!

You will find that PNG and JPG favicons are acceptable for IE11, however IE10 and below require ICO - as you have noticed. This isn’t a bug on Webflow’s end but rather an unfortunate limitation / bug on these outdated versions of IE.

This information can be found at

Definitely a great point, and thank you for sharing!

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