FAQ accordion with image

Hi everyone, can someone help me with a problem.

I’ve got some kind of FAQ accordion, but for my services and I want the first one to be already open when you load the page. If you click on it it needs to close. Also if you click on another service, the one that’s open needs to close and the one you click on needs to open.

This works (besides that the first one is still closed when you load the page), but now comes the tricky part. Next to the services needs to be an image related to the service. I’ve got it to work so if you click on a service, the right image appears. But if I open one service and click on an other service before closing the first one, the image doesn’t change as I would like to.

Does someone know how to achieve this? :slight_smile:

Website link: https://faq-3c8110.webflow.io/home-copy

Share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/faq-3c8110…