FAQ interaction: How do i highlight with or without hover

Hello Webflower,

I’m trying to replicate a FAQ interaction of a live site (https://coinbits.app/), but it has been a problem.

On mouse hover on the default FAQ element (when it is closed), the background changes from transparent to gray.

On clicking the FAQ header, it slides right down and shows the answer, while maintaining the gray background.

Clicking again makes the FAQ element slide up to hide the FAQ answer while still maintaining the gray background from the hover.

It is until the mouse hovers when it is in the close position that the background changes from grey transparent again.

The problem i have in Webflow is when i hover out in either the open or closed mode the background changes from grey to transparent. I want this to only happen in the closed state.

See gif of the interaction i’m replicating below:

Read only link of mine: Webflow - Coinbits Site

Here is my public share link: LINK