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Help! Basic Dropdown Interactions (Gifs for explanation)

I was following @PixelGeek’s awesome video on mega menu creation -

And while I have it almost correct, there are still a couple of things I just can’t figure out 6 hours later!

Problem 1: The dropdown menu fades in on the first on-hover like it should, but every time after that it just appears and ignores the interaction.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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EDIT: Problem 2 is now solved - Both the fade out and fade in interactions were set to 0.5. Changing the fade out to 0.2 meant they didn’t clash! Still need help with Problem 1 though :slight_smile:

Problem 2: When hovering from one menu item to the next, the background ‘fade-in’ animation replays and then makes the black faded background disappear altogether.


It’s my first proper go with Interactions, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Feel free to have a play for yourself -

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I ended up solving Problem 1.

I moved the interaction of the background fading to the nav bar rather than each menu item.