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Facebook Pixel Issue on landingpage

Hi Webflow Community.

We’ve made a sign-up landingpage through webflow, but there seems to be an issue with our facebook pixel integration, as the Page View event doesn’t trigger.
We’ve tried to put the code in manually through custom code, and with the pixel integration.

The website is We're live
Pixel helper says this:
Skærmbillede 2021-07-19 kl. 14.37.10

@Veo_Marketing - you seem to have an extra closing </script> tag in your code. I would just double check your installation of the pixel again and make sure you’re copying / pasting directly from Facebook.

Have you tried using the integration in the site settings:

Hi sam-g.
We’ve taken the same code as we’re using on other parts of our website, which is working just fine. The only place we experience this issue, is on the webflow landingpage.
And yes, we’ve also tried to use the integration in the site settings. Still issue.