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Facebook embedded post not appearing when placed in non-active tab

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Browser Used: Safari on Iphone 6+

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This issue is happening with an embedded Facebook posting on a secondary Tab in my /locations page. What seems to be happening is that the embedded post does not render whenever it is on a secondary or inactive tab.

My 2nd Tab is called Truck Schedule.

The problem goes away as soon as I set “Truck Schedule” tab as active. Ideally, I don’t want to have this showing first as I want the customer to first see our restaurant location.

I do want to note that this only occurs on mobile platforms Specifically Apple Products. Also, if you clear your cookies and history, it seems to work fine on the initial loading of the page. But as soon as I reload the page again, the face book embedded post stops rendering.

I also tried placing the script portion of the facebook embedded post outside of the tab. (Facebook embedded post comes in two sections, the script and the post itself). But that didn’t solve the problem either. I looked at the forums and those topics suggested I put them all together.

Please assist! Thanks!

Hi @jinfreaks168, thanks for your post. I took an initial quick look at the page, and there is an error from Facebook: “Invalid App Id: Must be a number or numeric string representing the application id.”

It looks like your embed or script code requires your app ID and it is missing. You need to get that first from Facebook developer pages:

I hope that helps, I would check that first, and if still issues, let us know :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave, Thank you so much for helping

I did what you mentioned above. Unfortunately, it’s still having the same issue. As mentioned previously, if it’s on the active tab, which is what showing when people visit the location page, it works. But if it is on the secondary tab, it just doesnt want to load on some browsers on Apple products.

I also want to add that on the first load on any browser, it works. But on a second load of the page, it stops working on the Iphone 6.

Best regards,


Hi @jinfreaks168, thanks for the clarification, I am taking another look :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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