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Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

I’ve followed the the instructions on the Facebook developers website but I can’t seem to get the chat plugin working. Has anyone be able to successfully integrate Facebook Customer Chat into their site and if so can someone tell me how? Capture

Finally figured it out:

You have to install the FB SDK first. Go to and sign up for a dev account first. You’ll need your app ID.

Then Go here:
and grab the code from the basic setup and go to your website settings. Not the designer, but the main settings page for your site where you setup hosting. Go to the custom code tab and enter that code in the header area.

You’ll need to replace your-app-id in that code with the app ID you got from becoming a developer.

Hit enter a couple times and then place the code give by facebook for it’s Customer Chat, the one you screen-shot in your post.

Save changes and publish to your domain, go check it out!

Mine is working here:


@BringTheRaine I hope that everything works on your end now. I have also experienced the same and just followed the same step that @jschuler recommends.

Does it only work on your custom domain? Also do I have to create an app to get an app ID?

You should make a video tutorial.

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