External Server For Webflow Sites

Hi there,

I am just wondering what type of server I would need to export Webflow sites onto it?

Also, would I need to do anything to the code to run it on the server?

Nothing special. Webflow uses Javascript and that’s on the client’s side.

If you’re thinking about how you need PHP and MySql to run on a server to publish a Wordpress site for example, no that’s not needed for a Webflow site.

Note that you only can export static websites, not CMS websites.

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Hi @vincent,

Thank you for this, much appreciated.

I’m still not sure what type of server I would need. Can I get a cloud server or something like that?

I’m looking for possible alternatives due to Webflows price increase.

You can use just about any server… even a shared hosting server.

My clients are on a dedicated server that I manage.

PM me if you more info.

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