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External form integration / webflow to wordpress

I have made this site with a form
Then I exported the complete site and imported to wordpress.
Now I am trying to set up in wordpress the form that I had built in webflow. Ideally I would like to process and store all the information without using my webflow account. How should I do?

See the contact section in the webflow site here

And the site already imported to wordpress and published is


Hi @ceciassenti,

Well, that question may be a little beyond the kind of code help that this forum normally provides, which is how to integrate things into Webflow, but not so much how to do that in Wordpress.

To integrate the form to use Wordpress will probably require Wordpress coding/template experience.

You might be better off to ask this question on a Wordpress template building forum, on how to integrate an existing form to use Wordpress.

That said, generally all that is needed in Webflow, to point the form at a different mail script than the default Webflow server, is to set the Action field of the form in Form settings, to point to the url of the mailscript that will process the form submission. I would also set the Method to POST in form settings.

I hope this helps!

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