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External APIs & Webflow

Hi all, I did a brief search on this topic and found nothing, I’m hoping someone here can help me.

We recently went live with our Webflow site on our domain, Previously, we had hosted a Wordpress site here.

One of firm’s key services is providing “Interactive Floorplans” to our clients via our website. This is done through an API provided by When we published the Webflow site to, our Interactive Floorplans stopped working.

I reached out to iFloorPlan and their response was as follows:

*"The issue is probably with the redirect. If you are redirecting from bluehost to your webflow hosted site, you will need to install the API on your new site.

I recommend that you get someone from webflow to make changes to your redirect function or install the API on the webflow hosting."*

I have since heard that Webflow cannot host external APIs. What would you all suggest?


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Hi @vieve, thanks for your post. Is there some API documentation that this service produces that shows how they need to connect or make this integration actually happen? Normally a redirect just means your domain is pointed at Webflow, or some other server. If they have some docs, we can look :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Hi! Thanks for your reply, @cyberdave

I’ve copied the instructions for installing the API below. Let me know if this helps or if I should search for something else!

Instructions for installing your API.

The API is really easy to use.

You can nominate the page title. ie. “Your business name - address of property.” or whatever you like. Your API already has a page title but you can edit it if you wish.

  1. Open the display.php using a basic text editor.
  2. Look for the line: $title = ‘Your business name’;
  3. Edit the words between the apostrophies and save.

There are two ways in which you can use your API, resulting in a slightly different URL.

Method 1. http://www.yourDomain/display.php?id=xxxx

This method is the easiest. Just place the display.php file in your web server’s public_html folder. All you need is to change on the above URL is the number at the end for each iFloorplan you create.

Method 2. http://www.yourDomain/view/xxxx

This method requires a few lines of code in the .htaccess file on your web server. We have provided the basic code below but you may need your web developer to install it for you.

Example .htaccess file code.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^((view|display|ifloorplan))/([0-9]+)/?$ directory/index.php?id=3 [QSA,L] RewriteRule ^((view|display|ifloorplan))/([0-9]+)/mobi/? directory/index.php?id=$3&mobi=1 [QSA,L]

In the third and forth lines you’ll see ‘directory/index.php’. Change ‘directory’ to the name of the directory you have created on your web server that will hold the API.
Place display.php in the new directory and rename the file ‘index.php’.

One more step to complete the integration of your API is to let your account know the path to your API. This is optional but will save you a lot of time.

  1. Login to your account and click the Options tab
  2. Under the heading: Your domain API, enter your website’s address including http://, and the path to your API.
  3. Examples. Method 1-", Method 2 - “”.
  4. When you publish an iFloorPlan, the URL shown will include your domain name, ready to click, copy and paste.

Hi @vieve, thanks a lot for posting those instructions. I see that the service in question, is using a PHP file to do the processing. At the moment, we have no support for PHP files, it is not possible to host those in Webflow. For this particular integration, you would have to first export your site from Webflow, then host those files on your own server that supports PHP. This “display.php” file they mention, would be copied to the same location as the index.html file, on your own php enabled server.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further. Cheers, Dave

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