API from platform to webflow site

Hi there, I am looking at a new project for a client who has a live transit map on an external platform/site so couriers can track their shipments etc… They want to to be able to show this live map on a new site built in Webflow…

I am assuming I need to do this via an API connection from platform to new site, do you guys have any tips on how this connects anything else might I need to think about before proceeding?

Thanks People… Brandt

I would start with a review the the API and integration documentation.

Thanks Jeff, so im assuming the Webflow API deals with Webflow’s CMS only?

As a none developer, I would need to look at a third party solution to act as the link between the new site and the clients custom built programme, do you know of any third party solutions that might work in this scenario… like Zapier?

Or I speak to a developer… thanks again

I was speaking of the API and docs of the unnamed service you want to integrate to. You shared no links, no data, so no way for me to answer.