Exporting/Generating a CSS Style guide from a Webflow Site


I use Webflow as a prototyping tool for our developers. One thing we struggle with is a way to provide a process of sharing the styles as a guide that they can review visually (not as “code”). I would be great if there was a way to export all of the styles for the site into a table/breakdown that I could then turn into a “style guide” for the site. Really it would be similar to how the Webflow interface displays all of the styles.

Side note: Does anyone know of an existing tool that would do this?



Hi @Matt_g, that is a good idea for the Wishlist.

Regarding trying to create your own css documentation, here is one article that might help:


Here are some other css documentation projects you can search on the web:

CSSdoc: Paratron/CSSdoc
StyleDocco: StyleDocco
KSS: kneath/kss
Kalei: CSS Living Style guide
CSS Doc Gen: adamauckland/css-doc-gen


Thanks Dave - much appreciated. I will give those suggestions a look.