Exporting code on a hosted plan

Hi everyone,

I have a hosted plan on my website and intend to export it but I see this pop up

Please, what does it mean? I can’t export with a hosted plan? Also, why is it recommending I get a hosting plan when I already have one?

Hi Endurance,

It’s talking about the Workspace the plan, not the Site plan, they’re separate things. Yeah that’s confusing, I agree, but hosting and the ability to export aren’t connected things in Webflow.

The Free Workspace plan does not offer code export.

I think you probably want the Freelancer plans;

As to why it’s suggesting to “Add Hosting”, I have no idea, can’t see your site. You may already be hosted, and that may just be an automatic message that’s part of code export to encourage clents to explore Webflow’s hosting option.

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Thank you @memetican, this makes it clearer