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Exporting code lasts for hours!

I reported this some days ago and assumed, it has to do with a coincidental concurrent update of the Webflow application. But this can’t be the case.
Whenever I tried to export my code todoy or yesterday, it lasts for around an hour(!) or more. The same process normally needed some 3, 4 minutes since I am a Webflow member.
This is really unbearable!
Please tell me, what to do.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @mac_heibu,

Not sure why cause your export to last that long.
You might want to create responsive variants of your images though, might eventually help.

Thank you for answering.
First: I don’t have this command on top of the assets panel. And if: This only wll affect to the load time of the site in browser, not the time of exporting the site to my local disk.
Second: This can’t be the reason for this slowdown at all. I only added one new image and exporting the site worked fine until last week.

And again: Some hours later all works as expected again.
Will this remain a „running gag“?

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