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Code Export Fails


This bug coincided with the appearance of the new feature in the Publish Panel (image attached) that allows selection of publication options.

Publishing takes an average 1:30 m (standard as the website is large).

Code export never proceeds post loading code stages (>15 minutes). As early as previous week code export took ~ 3 minutes (standard for this website).

No major site changes outside of copy updates have occured in the meantime.

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Hey @Dimony!

Thank you for reaching out in regards to this issue, I’m here to help.

This is an odd experience, and I’m going to need to further check on what could be going on here with some other teammates.

I’ll keep you up to date as soon as possible when I get further insight into what could be going on here.

My best,

This is still occurring. Or rather technically not occurring : ).

Anecdotally my Designer has become really choppy in the past month. While site complexity remained same, and page complexity simplified in several pages.

Complexity is above is used as ”large number of page elements and nesting”.

This is not particularly confidence inspiring.


Any updates on this? Its been a while

Hey there @Dimony

There definitely seems to be an issue with the volume of pages + elements on the project that is affecting the code export functionality.

In general the sites need to be kept as small as possible, by deleting unused styles (see the Style Manager) and by reducing the number of elements on each page, reducing images, reducing over all load.

I am able to reproduce the experience on my end, to where I have noted the instance so we can get further attention, but I cannot give you a timeline when the export will be made yet.

Sometimes when the site is too big this issue will happen and the site design need to be optimized and cleaned up to remove all unused elements and styles.

I’ll keep you updated as I get further info on the progress around this issue.

Let me know if you have any questions.

My best,

@RileyJones this issue was caused/coincided with webflow publishing the updates to publish dialog as per screenshot in the first post above.

Prior to that the site was a. larger (more complex pages) b. with substantially more styles and it exported code consistently and with no issues on a bi-weekly basic for months. I have dozens of back-ups with that site larger than it currently is. So the issue is with that webflow feature update.

How can one continue using Weflow or advertise it to clients, when it breaks things that were working before, and then effectively suggests nothing can be done, — which is what 1.5 months and your reply suggests.

Thus I am currently stuck paying for your service, and your internal updates = career-ender, if got forbid your server farms have a sudden fire.

Can you at least manually export the site and send me the zip, so that I can cancel my account and move on to self hosting.

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Just so I am clear:

  1. Site is large and complex = webflow exports fine.

  2. Webflow pushes functionality updates = code export fails for large sites.

  3. Webflow suggests “the sites need to be kept as small as possible, by deleting unused styles (see the Style Manager) and by reducing the number of elements on each page, reducing images, reducing over all load

aka. we broke it — here is a retrofitted rule to building sites

Something is seriously wrong here…

If Webflow can publish a site to its servers It should be able to export it, especially since there is no rendering of CMS pages. This needs to be escalated. I am coming up on some large exports and if they fail what should I tell the client?

My site’s MB size is pretty big, — mostly due to images, and their multiple versions (thanks to to responsive images being generated).

However that has not changed much, and the code stopped exporting.

I did have the problem in reverse awhile back. Publishing timed out due to CSS file bloat (breaking minification, turning it off allowed to publish) caused by symbols inside GRID element generation excessive ID’s — Grid ID's based CSS bloat caused by GRID elements inside Symbols

Perhaps similarly something in the recent updates set a cap on code export size — thus breaking the outlier like myself that extends webflow to the max.

I think your images are way too big, which causes Webflow export to crash
Work on resolution and compression, take all of them through Photoshop and ImageOptim and I’m sure you can reduce your site’s MB by 50%

Huge images or not good for site speed and SEO anyway ;D

You are missing the point

Image size is just a contextual aside to hopefully help Webflow isolate the issue. We could discuss image size and lossless image compression (its rarely truly lossless if one looks for certain details - which a specific customer demographic is attuned to), but best start a different thread to discuss this

The point is

  1. Webflow core functionality works as is.
  2. Webflow pushes update — core functionality breaks for edge cases.
  3. 1.5 months later, there is no solution, or effort to fix the issue.

This is not the first occurrence of this type of issue. It is not making my workflow any easier. It is introducing risk for my client work. I would like to leave the platform.

But without the export I can’t. I need my site.

Ok fair enough.

If you really wanna export without working on your images, then split your project in 2, export each of them and rename css in header of each page using a text editor - I’ve done it many times to get around Webflow’s 100 static pages limitation.

Its not an unreasonable approach…

But, remember the images are not necessarily the cause, — they are the same before and after it occurred. There is zero evidence its the images. My guess some sort of artificial size cap, or processor limitation that snuck in with that update.

The issue is the approach exhibited. We know anything is fixable, — Webflow is choosing not to make it a priority for a range of reasons.

Time to stop paying money and leave.

@cyberdave, @RileyJones, @Wadood_Hussaini

a. Can I expect a fix ever?

b. If not can your devs manually export and send me zip?

c. Or do I need to go the hack route, invest hours of my time and do a workaround?

Read Webflow Accounts small print stuff — is this a question of the help queue — would Pro account be sufficient to skip ahead in-line, or do I need to shift to Team?

Good on my end.

Hello… is there anyone out there

Does a core feature of Webflow not functioning for over a month and a half for a paid plan not warrant an answer?

@WebDev_Brandon — you seem to be still active here, maybe you can help

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