Exported Javascript required for layout?

Hello all,

I use Webflow to create components to export and include in external applications. Im an experienced developer, but its still easier to code and export in Webflow than to code from scratch. I’d like to know if the Javascript that is exported is only used for interactions created within webflow, or if it is also used to assist with cross browser css support and polyfills.

I don’t use any interactions within Webflow, so I’d like to omit the javascript if I can, but obviously not if its going to affect the layout. If there is polyfill support within the Javascript (e.g. Modernizr), can you tell me what libraries are used so that I can include them individually.


I’ve done a bit of testing on this myself in the past. I can’t see the Webflow script adding any polyfills, but I may be wrong. By omitting it animations do stop working, but that’s expected.

I have removed the Webflow js script from some of my projects that I’ve hosted myself and haven’t come across any issues. That’s not to say that there definitely aren’t any issues, I just haven’t found any.

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webflow.js also contains code for webflow components like the slider, lightbox, tabs, etc.

If you do not use those complex components by Webflow and stick to only basic elements then you should be fine excluding the external script file.


Thanks guys. Thats what I was hoping. I’ll update this thread if I find anything thats off… Cheers.