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Export stuck at preparing fonts

When i strat exporting it get stucked at “preparing fonts”
i have uploaded kelson font.

Try using a different browser. While exporting my site using Safari, I encountered a similar issued. I’ve found that Chrome seems more reliable when exporting.

Hi @Smitesh_Deo the font-export issue should have been resolved a few days ago. Can you please do a hard-refresh Ctrl+Shift+R’ (Cmd+Shift+R on OS X) to make sure you have the latest code, and then delete and re-upload the custom font. The issue was related to Cloudfront caching font-files without certain headers.

Please let me know if that works :smile:

It’s just started happening to me. Can’t get past preparing fonts. I’ve tried hard refresh etc but nothing helps. Was working fine all day until now.

Hi @cam, I have received your support request, lets continue the conversation on the exporting issue in our support desk, so that I can help troubleshoot this together with you :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

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