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Cannot export because of "Preparing Fonts" message

Hi Guys,

Has the export bug returned? I cannot seem to export my site due to the “preparing fonts” message appearing when exporting and stalling there. Last time, clearing cache was enough. Right now I did:

  • updated Chrome to last version
  • Cleared Cache + Hard Refresh
  • Reboot PC

Any other suggestions?

Hello, can anyone from the WF team help? @cyberdave perhaps?

Hi @Diu,

Thanks for the post. Could you try this:

​Thanks a lot for contacting us. I am sorry about the issue. It seems that you are affected by an old bug, could you please try to do the following:

​1. remove all custom fonts from your fonts tab
​2. rename the original font files
​3. upload the renamed font files and add them to your site
​4. After fonts added, republish your site
​5. Try to export again.

Let me know if that helps :smile:

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After some good assistance through mail, @cyberdave and I managed to narrow down the solution:

There were two problems:

  1. I needed to rename fonts and re-upload them. That fixed the fonts-issue.
  2. The images export didn’t go well either. This was the problem & solution:

I used a SVG in the favicon & webclip uploader. That worked on the screen but stalled the export. Obviously I didn’t read the caption about the supported file-types there. So I made a new favicon and webclip with exactly the right size in Photoshop and saved them as PNG. I used them for favicon and webclip and that allowed me to export.

Thanks to @cyberdave for his support.

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