Export CSS: Too many grid IDs

I have a site in Webflow which I use as a template for a CMS. I design the frontend in Webflow, and then implement the new CSS into the CMS. Now I have discovered that the exportet CSS is filled with no longer used Grid IDs (w-node-). This is not good, as it bloats the CSS file. Is there a way to avoid this, or get Webflow to clean the unnused grid-node-IDs?

You say that the ID’s with the grid css rules are no longer needed? Is that because you are not using those elements on the new system? If that is the case then your only remedy would be to manually remove those rules from the exported CSS file. Webflow export would have no way to know you are not using the elements so how could they handle it? If I am misunderstanding you let me know.

No. The elements are not used by Webflow anymore. Everytime I changed the behaviour of the grid within Webflow, it creates a new ID for this grid-element. However, the generated CSS still contains the old IDs. So Webflow is not doing it’s housekeeping, and leaves old IDs in the CSS. This will bloat the CSS with time. So from a simple 30k CSS you get easily to a 1MB CSS if you are doing a lot of grid changes in Webflow. Others had the same issue: CSS Grids Exported Code - #5 by webdev

Note: the grids are within a symbol. Maybe this is the problem?

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