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Experiencing a problem when I publish with the layout?


I am redoing my website from scratch as i made a lot of errors in the first one i ever made, when I’m in design mode it all looks fine but when i hit the Webflow domain publish button to show my client on mobile view, it shows the phone number in top right corner as a link in blue i haven’t even selected it as a link but was gonna do it any way but can’t seem to change colour or anything.

I have uploaded some images of the problem i have also shared you into my read-only link aswell.

Hope someone can help me its probably something I’m missing and being stupid lol

Nadeem x

Hello @nadalbay,

phone numbers become links automatically on mobile, so they have the option to make a phone call. What you have to do to fix it is to select the number and make it a link with a class and style it the way you want. It will still behave like a link but it would not be blue or underlined. I hope this helps.

Perfect that you for your help

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