Experienced web developer required for new business site

Hi all,

im looking for a talented individual to create a new website for my business. Currently we do not have a site and im looking for one to be designed from the ground up. I would like to be able to work with someone who is able to design something and come to me with the ideas and able to take my thoughts and ideas and turn them into reality.

The sector is Energy. I am a startup.

my key needs really is

  1. a clean looking and smart site.
    2.ability to take payments
    3.a member area

i have many more requirements and can discuss later on howeevr wanted to get the post out there so i could get some replies and hopefully some designers out there can showcase their best webflow work.

I look forward to working with somebody soon.

Also i am in the uk.


Hi Ali,

I would be glad to work with you. I have 10 years web design experience.

I’ll send you a pm with more information.


Hi Ali,

Sounds like an exciting project and something that I can certainly help you with. I will send you a PM.